The Creative Process

A cinematic look into how four different artists pursue the creative process.

This is the second film in the Keynote film series we produced for our client Pictage. In it we interview a film composer, a creative director, a filmmaker and a painter about the creative process. Their stories are told against the backdrop of a narrative thread about a teen girl writing a song she dreamt about.

Read the fascinating case study about the making of this film.

About the Narrative Documentary Style

Creative Process Story Panels

The style of this film is what we call narrative documentary, and it is one we utilize often. It takes what could be a stale, talking-head documentary and elevates it to story-like status. We do this through a combination of traditional b-roll combined with metaphorical b-roll. It is the metaphorical b-roll that helps give the film that narrative, story-like feel. In this case, it is the teen girl (a musician) going through her own creative process. This particular story theme is a continuation from the visual story in part 1 of this film series, “In Pursuit of Dreams” (which you can watch on the corresponding case study page.)

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