Tailor ‘Maids

Comedy sermon series video we produced for Cross Pointe Church. Three bridesmaids have a heck of a time trying to get the bride into her dress on the big day. Mix in bridesmaid rivalry, possible contractions, and a donut and what ensues is wacky hilarity in the vein of “Laurel & Hardy.”

The sermon series was designed to encourage and inspire church members to get fully involved by being “all in” (e.g. all in giving; all in volunteering; all in community service; etc.) This was the third in a 3-part series of shorts we created. Each one had the “all in” theme. Our goal was to illustrate being “all in” in a way that did not make the audience feel guilty. So we steered clear of the typical heart-string-tugging videos that show starving people in Africa or the plight of the church when members don’t tithe. The film series was fun, engaging, and set the stage for the pastor to give what is a serious topic by letting down the audience’s guard. Furthermore, it helped make each subsequent  week in the series something members could look forward to.

Written and directed by Ron Dawson

Mary Ellen Fiddler as “The Bride”

Ana Bright as “The Pregnant Bridesmaid”

Simone Luke-Forbes as “Mona Man-Hands”

Abigail “Don’t Call Me Abi” Williams as “Miss Bossy”

On set.
On set with cast and crew.