Pictage is a leading B2B provider of products and services that empower over 11,000 professional photographers. Every year they hold a conference where photographers from around the world come to learn and be inspired. Their new CEO commissioned DDM to create a captivating film series that would, as he put it, “blow people away.” It was to be part of his keynote presentation, his first to this conference as the new CEO.

The theme that year was Dream. Create. Inspire. The obvious choice by most might have been to interview a series of high profile photographers from Pictage’s esteemed client list to each give their take on this theme. But most of the celebrity photographers we would have interviewed had already been seen and heard from many times over. We didn’t want any pre-conceived notions, prejudices or familiarity to affect how this audience of photographers would respond to the films.

DDM took a risk and created a film series associated with this theme that didn’t star any photographers. Instead, we interviewed four creative professionals from different disciplines: a creative director, a filmmaker, a film composer and a painter. We then added a narrative thread through the series starring a teen girl pursuing her dream to become a singer.

In Pursuit of Dreams

First in a series of short films for Pictage PartnerCon based on the theme Dreams • Create • Inspire. This one poses the question, “What does ‘to dream’ mean to you?”

The Creative Process

Part 2 in a CEO Keynote film series. The creative process as seen through the eyes of four artists.


Part 3 of the series was for the theme “Inspire.” We found out later during the Pictage CMO’s presentation on the theme “inspire” that the Greek root from which we get the word “inspire” means “to breathe.” We did not know that ahead of time. Very cool coincidence.

Directed & Edited by Ron Dawson
Written by Tasra Dawson (tasramar.com)
Performed by Pedro Oliveira

Production note: Pedro is actually a talented filmmaker who we hired to PA for us on the original plan for this film. When the subject for that film went AWOL, we came up with this idea and instead hired Pedro to perform it. We had no idea he’d be as good as he was.