Jerry Ghionis Film – Your Perfect Day

World renown and multi-award-winning wedding and portrait photographer Jerry Ghionis flew us out to WPPI in Las Vegas to follow him for a week. An outcome of that trip was this experimental and emotionally moving film that brings important perspective to the industry.

The professional photography industry is often obsessed with personal notoriety. Photographers (especially self-employed ones) can also tend to become workaholics. As Jerry so eloquently puts it, “We spend our time immortalizing the memories of other families and we don’t even appreciate our own.” This film combines various excerpts from a presentation Jerry gave at a dinner for Thirst Relief. Putting the disparate soundbites together to weave a cohesive and compelling story was quite a challenge that involved many hours of work and collaboration. It’s a great case study on the process through which we go to find the story.