Photographer Profile Video – Gabe McClintock

In 2006 we were one of the trailblazers in starting the trend of profile films for or about professional photographers. Over the years we’ve made such films for some of the top photographers in the country. This one for Canadian photographer and instructor Gabe McClintock of perspectivEye Photography is a favorite.

It’s About YOU, Not Your Photography

The primary difference that sets our work apart is the fact that when we make a profile or promo film about a photographer, our focus is on the artist, not the art. We may include a few photos from the photographer, but the way we see it, that’s what their website is for. The video needs to accomplish the photos cannot. Let the viewer see, hear and understand who the photographer is. We always look for the angle of what sets the photographer (as a person and an artist) apart from his or her competition. We then craft a video that reflects WHO THEY ARE. No two of our profile films are alike because no two artists are alike.

In this video for Gabe, we tailored the look of the video itself to match Gabe’s photography.


We also incorporated how he feels about his wife. The love he feels and expresses for her comes out in his photography and adds to his ability to “make that connection” with his clients.


When a potential client finishes watching your profile video, they should have a deeper understanding of who you are, how you work, and what makes you “tick.” In many cases, if a client already loves your work, if they love your profile video too, it’s a done deal!

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