Photographer Profile Video – Joe Buissink

Joe Buissink has had the honor to shoot some pretty high profile weddings and events (e.g. J-Lo, Kelsey Grammer, Hilary Swank, Christina Aguilera’s concert, and more). In this intimate portrait film, he gives us a revealing look at his passion, his philosophy, and his family. He also tells the stories behind some of his most iconic images.

You will soon realize why he is able to capture those moments the way he does. Those moments of…truth.

This is a good example of a profile video where you do not see the photographer “in action.” It’s just as much about Joe the father and husband as it is Joe the photographer. The caliber of clients who hire Joe already know his skillset and pretty much come to the table ready to hire him. This video serves more of an introduction for Joe when he’s speaking or teaching around the world.