UmberDove: WILD – An Artist Profile

If you are an artist or aspire to be, I have no doubt these words will move you…

The moment I met Kelly Clark (aka UmberDove), I knew she would be the next subject for SoundandSEA.TV, a film series that highlights remarkable people in and around the Seattle metro area. She is a consummate artist. Painter. Silversmith. Sculptor. Poet. She’s the kind of person who inspires passion, love, goodwill, and, of course, art. It is no wonder she has a dedicated and passionate “tribe” who love her. She’s known for making limited-edition or even unique runs of jewelry, bags, painted rocks, etc., that sell out within hours of her posting on her Etsy store. She has over 3500 passionate fans on her Facebook page who follow her every move and wait with baited breath for her next creation or post. She’s a perfect example of the power of uniqueness.

She’s also a woman with a fighting spirit. Although she alludes to her “chronic illness” in the film, she doesn’t give it a name. She does not want to be defined or hindered by that which literally threatens her life. No doubt you’ll deduce what illness she has. As of this writing, she is currently involved in a treatment protocol that involves several rounds of chemotherapy infusions. If you are inspired, we invite you to actively support her. Learn more at