So you wanna be a filmmaker? You want to experience the rush of seeing your vision realized and the effect it has on the audience. Or that feeling of pride you get when you see a script you slaved over come to life before your eyes. Maybe there’s a true story you want to capture in a documentary that will move people.

If you’re new to this whole filmmaking world and need someone to help you get up to speed, then look no further. Sure, there is a ton a free information at your fingertips via YouTube, Vimeo, and blogs. But sometimes you need a little more specific attention. Or maybe your time is too valuable to spend hours searching online for just the right video or blog post.

These sessions are designed for beginning to intermediate filmmakers looking to advance their art. It’s particularly suited for photographers looking to use their DSLR to expand their repertoire of services by adding video production. DDM creative director Ron Dawson has had the pleasure to consult individual photographers like Shawn Reeder, to large organizations like Kubota Image Tools.

Consultation sessions can be via Skype, or in person. Rates are based on services tailored to your needs. Email us for more info.