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We’ve always offered our clients more than just video production.

In addition to creating awesome looking videos, we have helped our clients get those videos seen by providing SEO and marketing consultation with every video we make.

But we’re taking our marketing services to a whole new level.

We’re looking to expand our service offerings and build up our content marketing portfolio while at the same time helping you boost your business.

Let us help you roll out a content marketing campaign and we’ll extend you our special friends and family rate.

All you have to do is retain our content marketing services by MAY 15, 2015 (5-15-15), and you’ll get the special rate locked in, regardless of when you launch.

The Power of Content Marketing

Just about every major brand is using content marketing in their overall sales and marketing strategy. Blendtec’s “Will It Blend” video series is one of the most successful, racking up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube since its launch. Their latest installment (where they blend an Apple Watch), garnered over half a million views in just its first two days!


Services We Can Provide

  • Creating an original film or video series designed to increase awareness, educate your customers, support sales, or increase time on site.
  • Help you start and launch a podcast that will establish you as an expert in your field or build an audience.
  • Help you beef up and boost your blog traffic with a targeted strategy.
  • Help you launch a content strategy with social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Meerkat or Periscope.

Case Studies and Success Stories

  • Episode 1 of our SoundandSEA.TV film series, “Unusual Places“, lead to the subject of the film getting featured King 5 News, one of Seattle’s most popular news programs.
  • Episode 2 of our SoundandSEA.TV series, “#ImprovJam” recently got invited to be part of the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival and is helping the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra get exposure to a whole new audience.
  • The Longest Day was the first online reality TV show for pro photographers and it helped our client, the WPPI Conference and Expo, reach record attendees.
  • My own blog, as well as my podcast Crossing the 180, has helped establish me as an expert in the industry which has led to vendor sponsorships, speaking engagements, and other writing gigs.
Our SoundandSEA.TV series helped get this local artist featured on local television news.
Our SoundandSEA.TV series helped get this local artist featured on local television news.

A Special Offer Just for You

Now is your opportunity to take advantage of what Fortune 500 companies have been doing for years–at a rate designed for your business or organization. Booking is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Call us for a FREE consultation
  2. We’ll provide a FREE proposal and strategy plan
  3. You sign an agreement and lock in your special rate with a 25% retainer by May 15, 2015 (5-15-15).

Don’t let another day go by without making a decision to boost your business and brand. Call today at (206) 569-8195, or fill out the form below.