How do you raise awareness of the sexual exploitation of children in a family friendly way… all in just 30 seconds?

Street GRACE is a non-profit organization that partners with faith-based organizations in and around the Atlanta metro to address the issues of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). They had a booth at the annual Celebrate Freedom concert in Atlanta, an event hosted by The FISH Atlanta, the largest Christian radio station in the area. Part of their booth space included a rotating 30-second spot on the huge jumbotron monitors that would play in-between band sets. They were thrilled with the PSA we had produced for them earlier that year, so asked if we could make a 30 second commercial to play on the jumbotron. The catch was that it had to be something that would be “safe for the whole family.” That means the video had to 1) raise the awareness of CSEC among the parents, 2) be clandestine in its message so as to be suitable for children and 3) direct viewers to the StreetGRACE booth…in just 30 seconds!

Inspired by the “Dudley Do-Right” cartoons for the 70s, we came up with a silent movie style film that was comical, yet hit on all three objectives. We were able to get well-known Atlanta-based comedic filmmaker and Catalyst host Tripp Crosby to star.